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Joining the Yelp Elite Squad is the best way to discover everything you never even knew existed in your city. Ready to meet a community of passionate locals too? YES! is for the writers, photographers, and adventurers on Yelp who live to find and share all things local. From Las Vegas to Toronto and Honolulu to Brooklyn, there are local Yelp Elite communities from all over to get involved in. Want to join? Nominate yourself or a friend who you think should be in the Squad.

What Is It?

Our mission is to connect people with great local businesses. YES! takes that principle and amplifies it. Back in the early days of Yelp, we noticed some folks just went above and beyond sharing reviews and photos. Without these passionate voices, Yelp wouldn’t be what it is today. To recognize those folks, and connect them online and out in the real world, YES! was born.

Why Get Involved?

Sharing reviews and photos is just the beginning. Joining YES! means being officially recognized as a Yelp Elite on your profile, getting to meet and greet local business owners and fellow Yelp Elites, and scoring exclusive invites to some incredible local events. From cocktails on boats to play dates with penguins—even axe-throwing classes—there are all kinds of events to check out.

Who Can Join?

Whether you’re new to the app or a Yelp regular, anyone can nominate themselves or others to join the Yelp Elite Squad. YES! is about more than just recognizing our most useful, funny, and cool community members—it’s also a mark of trust—so be sure to brush up your profile. Keep sharing reviews, photos, and more and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Yelp Elite!

How Do I Join the Yelp Elite Squad?


Use your real name on your profile


Add a real photo of yourself


Nominate yourself or a friend

Sent your nomination? Sit back, relax, and hopefully you’ll make it into the Squad! And don’t worry if you don’t get in straight away—keep sharing your reviews and updates, because can always re-nominate for another chance. Note: You must be of legal drinking age in your country to join.

Join the Squad!

What Type of Yelp Elite Are You?

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Introducing Chris L. as The Writer

The Writer

Sure, some people review everything, but it’s not just about how many opinions you can share. Are you a haiku reviewer? Do you max out the character count? Or do you like to tell a detailed story? If you’re all about the words, you’re The Writer.

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Introducing Korrie K. as The Adventurer

The Adventurer

There are reviews and there are photos, but there’s also being an all-out total explorer. Do you barely go a week before you’re on the hunt for new adventures? From sharing hidden forests to brand new hot spots, if you’re all about discovery, you’re The Adventurer.

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Introducing Roger K. as The Photographer

The Photographer

Sometimes it’s about snapping photos on the fly, sometimes it’s about getting the whole picture, and sometimes... it’s really just about the food. If you capture every moment or take your time to line up the shot, you’re The Photographer.

What Makes a Great Yelp Elite Squad Member?

  • Thoughtful reviews
  • Awesome photos
  • Sending compliments
  • Up-voting reviews

Ready to join?

Being Elite is sweet. Ready to nominate yourself or a friend?

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Still Got Questions?

Check out our FAQ page for more info or get in touch with your local Community Manager, Katie B. CMs are on-the-ground Yelp ambassadors who curate the Local Yelp newsletter, host incredible events for the active Yelp communities, and oh-so much more.