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  • (415) 821-7203
    Serving San Francisco and the Surrounding Area

    “This is so much better than regular karaoke! The band sounded great and got the most out of the singers. Even being in the audience is a blast. I can't wait to do this again!”?read more

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  • 1049 reviews
    (415) 621-8579
    2298 Market St
    Duboce Triangle

    “I really liked the vibe that this place gave out - casual and relaxed and also really beautiful. It is a great place to go in the Castro area if you just want to sit back and read…”?read more

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    • Large Party Booking

    (650) 522-7526
    1700 Coyote Point Dr

    “I must have been drunk for the past several months because I could have sworn I'd reviewed PCG before. Oh well, here we go. Living in Northern California presents its residents with…”?read more

    Offers takeout

  • 551 reviews
    375 11th St

    “ the nightlife because Bootie SF is the name of the party held every saturday night at the venue, DNA lounge. Great mash up music for those of you who have…”?read more

  • (415) 528-4444
    Pier 15

    “ have a flaw, it's that there aren't many "bars" (we only saw one, other than the cafe). Not a major thing, but kind of funny considering how the Academy of Science's adults-only event,…”?read more

  • (415) 442-6003
    780 Mission St
    Union Square

    “We are use to the nightlife originally being from Las Vegas. We went to Napa for a couple of days and our last night in town we stopped at the View. Nice place…”?read more

  • (415) 857-1192
    1192 Folsom

    “The. best. Techno. Nite. $5 Slow acid tech Wednesdays Chill crowd, no judgement, no $500 shoes.”?read more

  • (415) 874-9921
    3416 19th St

    “Calling me a "lazy bear" is an understatement. Usually I eat dinner by 5 pm and I'm in bed by 8 pm. I'm like a boring, old lazy bear that gets grumpy if I…”?read more

  • 943 reviews
    (415) 379-8000
    55 Music Concourse Dr

    “I'd heard great things about NightLife, including the themed cocktails, the delicious food, and the all-around good time to be expected. Unfortunately, I was…”?read more

  • (415) 967-2932
    Serving San Francisco and the Surrounding Area

    “Do you like to dance? No, I don't mean quietly nodding your head in the corner of the bar while you nurse your beer and idly check your phone every few…”?read more

  • (415) 636-5995
    690 Folsom St

    “this is an awesome concept, think ping pong and alcohol in a beautifully designed building, and an amazing indoor space. A place where you can have fun with…”?read more

  • (415) 992-2790
    498 Broadway
    North Beach/Telegraph Hill

    “Was here few weekends ago with friends on a Friday. Found out this place just opened not too long ago! It is attached to another bar called Score! The concept…”?read more

  • 3225 22nd St

    “Make Out Room is a hidden gem in SF's nightlife scene. If you like dancing and people who still DJ with vinyl, this is the spot for you! They have great…”?read more

  • 687 reviews
    (415) 771-2022
    1221 Polk St
    Lower Nob Hill

    “ with crushed fruits, shaken and never stirred girlie combos, mortar and pestle veggies, and a dab of bitters. Lush Lounge is part of the Polk Street corridor of…”?read more

  • (415) 312-3668
    540 Howard St
    Financial District

    “Gave a one star Bc the bouncer was being so Dang rude. Make sure you guys have a "real ID" for this place because they'll kick you out even if you do. Thought I was going to enjoy SF…”?read more

  • (415) 433-8585
    85 Campton Pl
    Union Square

    “Seems like the trending review. People only go here cause there isn't much to choose from for Sf nightlife. Security is rude and obnoxious, don't bother with…”?read more

  • (415) 284-9774
    101 6th St

    “I love Monarch. Great staff, great bookings, all around fun most every time I'm there. The only real issue was the tight corners and cramped space behind the…”?read more

  • (628) 222-7407
    444 Presidio Ave
    Presidio Heights

    “Laureate is located at a convenient intersection in the heart of Presidio Heights/western Pacific Heights/Laurel Heights. This used to be known as Swank. Swank…”?read more

  • (415) 757-0290
    260 Kearny St
    Financial District

    “A really great option for drinks after work in the Union Square area. Place is pretty popular, but with plenty of seating available both at the tables and at…”?read more

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  • (415) 355-9991
    34 7th St

    “ Lauderdale nightlife. There are two sections to the bar, upstairs is casual, then downstairs they have a DJ playing with people dancing. For a Friday night…”?read more

  • (415) 693-9255
    46 Geary St
    Union Square

    nightlife industry. I truly appreciate the hospitality and every time I come into San Francisco I make sure that I at least come in to say hello. Highly…”?read more

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    • Opened 3 weeks ago

    (415) 759-8112
    3600 Taraval

    “This is a very enthusiastic 4 stars. I'm really wanting that 9/10 right now. We had a really good experience on Sunday around noon. It was definitely busy…”?read more

  • (415) 772-9002
    473 Broadway St
    North Beach/Telegraph Hill

    “ normally a big fan of the nightlife on Broadway, Monroe has proven to be an exception to the rule, as it possesses a level of classiness and sophistication…”?read more

    Responds in about 2 hours

    • Opened a few days ago

    (415) 655-3738
    2223 Market St

    “Great new addition to the hood. Never made it into Nomica (although it was always on my list) and I was determined to not let that happen this time. The…”?read more

  • (415) 284-9774
    101 6th St

    “monarch is a SF institution at this point. they transformed gritty 6th and mission, and are leaders in keeping gentrification REAL. owned and run by a team of locals who GET the…”?read more

  • (925) 261-8677
    447 Broadway
    North Beach/Telegraph Hill

    “It's Sunday and you want to dance bachata. Welcome to church. The new decor isn't far from what you'd find in a swank new spot in Medellin, Colombia, which…”?read more

  • (415) 746-9968
    679 3rd St
    South Beach

    “ fits in with the continually gentrifying and richifying San Francisco nightlife scene, but it's pretty cool, large, and the cocktails were awesome. I went…”?read more

  • 92 reviews
    (415) 834-5174
    901 Divisadero St

    “This place is amazing! I've never seen anything like it before. Freedom of expression and compassion, excellent kava, great staff and space, awesome people…”?read more

  • 616 Divisadero St
    Alamo Square

    “ out smartly on levels. We had beer, played pool, played skee-ball and a few other vid games and had a good time. I know most of reviews are for the nightlife…”?read more

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  • (415) 225-9296
    550 Barneveld Ave
    Bayview-Hunters Point

    “Probably the best teacher for beginners. Broke every step down to its elements so it was easy for everyone to pick up. Class may be boring for beginners but…”?read more

  • 28.?Oasis

    204 reviews
    Sneaky’s BBQ at this location.
    (415) 795-3180
    298 11th St

    “Heklina and co. have done a great job creating a place where performance, nightlife, and culture can mix to create moments of elegance and moments of…”?read more

  • (415) 618-0847
    847 Howard St

    “We LOVE 847!! convenient location.. chill vibe.. all supplies... Couches... TV...”?read more

  • (415) 981-7824
    5633 Geary Blvd
    Outer Richmond

    “We celebrated my mother's birthday at this gorgeous place and couldn't be more happier! In the inside, the place looks very pretty with elements of European…”?read more

  • (415) 825-0741
    678 Geary St
    Lower Nob Hill

    “A standout wine and beer experience just west of Union Square (on the southern tip of Nob Hill) Resolute provides an incredible selection of wines and beers from California, Europe…”?read more

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